Calendar of Embassy Holidays
20/3/2015 Albania - Public Holiday .... 25/3/2015 Greece - Public Holiday .... 25/3/2015 Cyprus - Public Holiday .... 25/3/2015 Uruguay - Public Holiday .... 30/3/2015 Uruguay - Public Holiday .... 31/3/2015 Malta - Public Holiday ....

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Visas & Passports Unlimited facilitate a resourceful and hassle-free visa application process to both individual and corporate travelers. We facilitate an unrivaled customer experience in which the individuals needs are prioritized and their questions and concerns met with expertise and care. 

Leisure and corporate international travellers can apply for visas and passports using our easy and comprehensive travel visa service. Visas & Passports Unlimited (VPU) works closely with various embassies to make entry into worldwide destinations possible at very short notice.

Visas & Passports Unlimited friendly, qualified and experienced staff will load on-line visa applications on your behalf where required, make the necessary appointments and pay up-front for visas.  We will then "meet & greet" you at the Visa processing centres that require applicants to appear in person and guide you through the lodgement process.  Once the visas have been processed we will collect the passport and deliver back to your home or office.

Experience Visas & Passports Unlimited (VPU) express visa services!  We collect and deliver to and from your home or offices.

We are your "visa" to passport freedom.


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