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South African passport holders do require visas.

South African Temporary Passports NOT Accepted.

Which country to apply through

The country of your longest stay will issue your Schengen visa. Only if your stay in the Schengen states is the same number of days in each country would you apply through the country of the first port of entry.






Valid for at least 3 months after return date with two blank pages for the visa, All new (green) passports must be signed on page 32 of the p/port. Schengen visas are free of charge to spouse of EU pp holder. A copy of the EU passport & marriage certificate is required. A copy of the passport.





Biometrics & Visa Lodgement



Biometric data (‘fingerprinting’)

Visas Unlimited will schedule the necessary appointment & make payment on behalf of the applicant.  Visas Unlimited representatives will Meet & Greet the applicant at the lodgement centre to support them through the process. Although the Visa Information System (VIS) onto which an applicant’s biometric data is captured allows Schengen states to exchange visa data, it does not allow a Schengen state to issue a visa using existing (VIS) biometric data captured by another Schengen state.  If the applicant is visiting the same Schengen State where his biometric date was captured he may not need to appear again in person for a period of 5 years.




Application form

Passport photographs

One two page application form. Visas Unlimited can meet you at the Embassy.

Two Colour per application. Must be on a white background, No teeth showing. Not older than six months.








Copy of confirmed, pre-paid accommodation.   

If staying with a relative/friend a letter from the host with a copy of their passport or ID.

(Document that has been stamped by the pertinent authorities may be requested)





Travel insurance



 Proof of valid Travel Insurance with a health coverage of minimum EURO30 000.00. Policy must state policy number and name of ensured person and dates covered.

Copy of a detailed Itinerary is required specifying entry and exit into Schengen states – this is required to determine the visa to be issued.





Bank Statements

3 months current original bank statements and a copy thereof.





Authorization letter


Employers letter or school letter







Scholars and Students

An authorization letter and a copy of applicants ID to allow Visas and Passports to collect the passport.

If employed (and/or self-employed) an original letter from the employer is required stating;

Position held, period of employment, exact dates of your leave & expected date of return OR Company to be visited if business.

Letter of Invitation from company in Switzerland, letter must state nature of business, dates, and contact details and the passport number of every person invited. If applying for a multiple entry this has to be expressed in the letter of invite. Invitation  Letter must be faxed directly to the competent Swiss representation


Letter stating the applicant is enrolled and will be returning & expected date of return.





Minors  -

(under 18 years old)

Minors travelling with one parent require a certified letter of consent from the parent not travelling; minors traveling alone require a certified letter of consent from BOTH parents. All minors must have an ORIGINAL unabridged birth certificate.






Please call our offices for related visa costs.

Our service fee R550.00 (excl. Vat) per visa within an approximate 60km radius of JHB CBD. Our service includes collection and delivery to and from your office/ home.





Processing times

10 - 15 working days. Please be advised that foreign passport holders processing times may differ. Visas for final country of destination must be obtained before applying for a Schengen visa.





Countries that participate in the Schengen agreement

Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,  Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.



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