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  1. 1.         DEFINITIONS

“Applicant” shall mean the person or agency or entity for which services are performed.

“VPU” + “Company” means “Visas Unlimited and Passports cc” (Ref no:  2004/056222/23)

“Documents” shall mean the passport, application and any supporting documentation provided by the Applicant to VPU.

“Services” shall mean the carriage and/or service performed or arranged by VPU pursuant to, or ancillary to, this contract with the Applicant.Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa and words importing any gender include all genders and words importing a person include company and corporation where appropriate.The applicant in consideration of the service payable to the Company AGREES to the following terms and conditions:



The applicant agrees/warrants and acknowledges that:

2.1     The person delivering the Documents and/or requesting the Services of the Company is authorized to hand out instruction to the company.

2.2     The request of the Applicant for performance of any Service shall not be in breach of any law.

2.3     The decision to grant or deny the application for a visa is a decision of the embassy or consulate to which the application is made, and as much is outside the control of the Company.  The Applicant request(s)/authorizes the Company to act and perform as the agent in the procurement of the visa(s) without liability.  As the granting or the denial of  a Visa is entirely at the discretion of the issuing embassy or consulate, we the Company do not guarantee approval.

2.4     The responsibility of the accuracy contained in the visa applications is solely the Applicants.

2.5     Service and shipping fees will be charged once processing is started, even if the visa request is denied by the Embassy or its official representative or cancelled by the Applicant.  Embassy consular fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

2.6     Visa information requirements, visa fees and visa issuing times are subject to change by foreign governments without notice therefore the Company does not assume responsibility of the accuracy of the information provided.

2.7     Charges including any additional charges, are the responsibility of the Applicant or their representative, are due and payable immediately, may be collected without notice, and may not be refunded.  In the case of a cancellation, a current service fee will be charged unless the visa was already processed by the Embassy, in which case the fees are non-refundable.  We the Company do not assume liability for delayed, lost or stolen visas and or passports.

2.8     The Embassies/Consulates change rules and regulations for visa processing at short notice and although the Company will make the necessary changes to its website the Company cannot guarantee that this will be effective immediately upon notification from the embassy/consulate of changes required.

2.9     The Applicant will make themselves aware of the standard processing times required by Consulates/Embassies/High Commissions and those of Visa Lodgement Centres.


3.1     The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising to any Documents nor for delays in issuance of replacement visas due to circumstances or causes beyond the Company’s control.

3.2     The Company does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for injury, damage, loss, accident or delay to any person or property which may arise due to causes beyond its control and not occasioned by its fault nor due to any act of negligence of any other party, war, strike, civil turmoil, riots, fire, acts of any government agency thereof, failure of transportation, communication, or acts of God.

3.3     The Company has used its best efforts in collecting and preparing the data included within the Company’s website but cannot warrant that the information contained within this website is complete or accurate and does not assume and hereby disclaims liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in the Company’s website whether such errors or omissions result from negligence accident or any other cause.

3.4     Save as otherwise provided herein, the Company shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage.  The defenses and limits provided for in this contract shall apply in any action against the Company for loss or damage or delay whether the action founded in contract, tort, or otherwise.

3.5     The Company disclaims any liability for losses, damages, forfeiture’s of deposit or expenses, damages of any kind whatsoever incurred by the Applicant in the event the Visa applied for is denied or not obtained within a stated time period.

3.6     It is hereby agreed between the Applicant and the Company that the Applicants rights to compensation (if any) for any claim for loss or damage will only be maintained provided the following is strictly adhered to:

  •  Any claim for damage to Documents must be lodged in writing within seven days of the date of change
  • Any right to damages against the Company shall be extinguished unless action is brought within 30days from the date of Service completion  or Documents delivered, or the date the Services should have been completed or the documents should have been delivered, which ever date occurs first.
  •  In all cases where liability has not been excluded or limited by this contract or by mandatorily applicable statute, convention or law, the liability of the Company is limited to the lesser of ZAR5000.00 or the value of the Documents subject of the contract at the time the Documents were received by the Company.

3.7     In all cases, where liability cannot be excluded or limited by this contract, the liability for breach for any condition or warranty in relation to the Documents or the Services is limited to any one or more of  the following as determined by the Company at its absolute discretion:

  • In the cases of Services;
  • The supply of Services again; or
  • The payment of the reasonable costs of having  the Services supplied again
  • In the case of Documents;
  • The replacement of the Documents;
  • The payment of the reasonable costs of having the Documents replaced;
  • The replacement of the Documents or supply of equivalent Documents;
  • The payment of the reasonable costs of replacing the Documents or acquiring equivalent Documents.

3.8     It is specifically agreed that all rights, immunities and limitations of liability granted to the Company by the provisions set forth in this contract shall continue to have full force and effect in all circumstances and not withstanding any breach of the condition hereof  by the Company.

  1. 4.         INSURANCE

The liability of the Company is defined and limited to any amount stated for specified loss and damage.  The Applicant is therefore advised to seek its own insurance cover generally.  NO insurance will be affected by the Company.

  1. 5.         SUBCONTRACTING

Subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions and instructions contained in this contract, the Company agrees and the Applicant hereby employs and authorizes the Company, as agent for the Applicant to contract either in its own name as principal or as agent with any Subcontractors for the performance of any Service to be performed or arranged by the Company pursuant to or ancillary to, this contract.  Any such contract may be made on any terms of contract whatsoever used by the Subcontractor with whom the Company may contract for such Service and may be upon any terms and subject to any conditions of any special contract which the Subcontractor may in any particular case require including in every case terms which may limit or exclude liability in respect of the Service and any term that the Subcontractor may employ any person, form or company for performance of the Service.

  1. 6.        DELIVERY

6.1     The Company is authorized to deliver the Documents to the consignee or his agent at the address nominated to the Company by either the Applicant, the Company, the consignee or their agents and its is expressly agreed that in such cases the Company shall be deemed to have delivered the Documents in accordance with this contract.

6.2     If the Nominated place of delivery shall be unattended or if delivery cannot be affected, the Company in its sole discretion may at its discretion either deposit the Documents at the nominated place or store the Documents at the risk and expense of the Applicant, both of which will be deemed to be delivery of the Documents under this contract.

6.3     Dates specified for completion of the Service are estimates ONLY and the Company shall not be liable to complete the Service on such date or dates.


Any dispute arising under this contract shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of South Africa.

  1. 8.        TRADE PRACTICES

Any relief from liability contained in this contract is to be read subject to any restrictions or contracting out of liability provided in any legislation binding the Company so that the provisions for relief contained in this contract are limited or rendered ineffective only to the extent required to give effect to that legislation but are otherwise fully effected and all the provisions hereof are severable and effective independently of any provisions which are null and void or ineffective by reason of any legislation.

  1. 9.        FORCE MAJEURE

9.1     Where the Company is unable to carry out any obligation under the contract due to any circumstances, matter or thing beyond its reasonable control (“force majeure”) the Company shall be excused from such obligations to the extent of such prevention, restriction or interference so caused. 

9.2     The Company shall use all possible diligence and reasonable endeavors to remove the force majeure.


Our privacy policy summarizes our basic policies and directives and contains rules to ensure that our business is conducted with integrity. It is imperative to Visas and Passports Unlimited to ensure and maintain trust and credibility with loyal customers, partners and employees. 

Visas Unlimited and Passports is committed to the protection of your personal information.  Our employees acknowledge individual responsibility to ensure that business practices adheres to privacy policies.

Personal information is information or an opinion, in any form and whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion.

The kinds of personal information we collect and store will depend on what type of visa the Applicant applies for and is collected on behalf of the relevant Embassy/Consulate or High Commission:

  • Personal information you give us when you enquire about a visa or place a lodgment.  This information may include your name, address, contact details, e-mail address, credit card details, passport details, travel dates, place of departure, intended destination.
  • Communication between you and us
  • Transactional information regarding your use of our services

The personal information we collect from you on behalf of the relevant Embassy/Consulate or High Commission will thus be disclosed as follows:

  • To the relevant Consulate/Embassy or High Commission in order to obtain a visa
  • Lodgment centre’s or third parties who assist us obtaining a visa
  • VPU partner offices who may assist us to obtain a visa

VPU will always maintain control over the confidentiality of our customer’s information.  However, we cannot be held responsible for information retained by relevant Consulates/Embassies/High Commissions or Lodgment Centre’s

Updates to Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time.  If we do so, we will post the amended Privacy Policy on our website so that you can always be aware of how we manage your personal information –


Visas & Passports Unlimited


For the purposes of this policy, clients include, present, past and potential

1.         Introduction

1.1      Visas & Passports Unlimited (VPU) is a courier company that assists international travels in obtaining Visas/Passports for travelling purpose, whether it be for Tourism or business or work from Embassies or Travel lodgement Centres.

1.2     VPU is obliged to comply with the POPI policies Act.

1.3     POPI requires VPU to inform all clients ( present and future ) as to how their personal information and documents are used, disclosed and destroyed.

1.4     VPU is committed to the protection of our clients personal information and documentation, and to ensure that their personal information is used in the appropriate, Secure and transparent manner to which POPI subscribes

1.5      Our POPI policy describes how VPU handles clients personal information and documentation and the purposes that the information is used for.

1.6     VPU will ensure that the clients personal information and documentation is only used for the purpose for which it’s intended.


2.        Personal Information Collected

2.1     VPU collects and processes client’s information and documentation for the processing of visa and or passports applications.

2.2     The information collected will include:

2.2.1             ID numbers

2.2.2            Passport numbers

2.2.3            Bank/Credit Card statements

2.2.4            Employment letters

2.2.5            Invitation letters

2.2.6            Visa/Passport application forms

2.2.7            Consent letters ( Parents, Guardians, Schools, Family members)

2.2.8            Insurance Policies

2.2.9            Medical Certificates

2.2.10          Marriage/Death Certificates

2.2.11          Unabridged/abridged Certificates

2.2.12          Any information required by an Embassy, lodgement centre or relative and authorised party requested in addition to the above.


3.        How personal information is used

3.1     Data is only processed and collected once consent has been given by the client during Website registration process.

3.2     The information collected will only be used for the purposes for which they are intended.

3.3     Information is used for travel purposes for our clients.

3.4    Providing information to Embassies and lodgement centres that required this information for the processing of Visas/Passports.

3.5     To provide VPU information so that we may carry out our services to our clients in the applications of Visas/Passports for which the client supplied said information and documentation.

3.6    To provide communications between VPU and client.


4.       The Disclosure of Personal Information

4.1     VPU will share the clients information only with the relative organisations listed in Section 2.2.12

4.2    We may also disclose client’s information where we have the right or duty to protect VPU rights according to legislation or Law.

4.3    Consent to use personal information for the purposes outlined in point 2.2.12 are requested during the registration process.


5.        Data and Security Protection of Clients information

5.1     VPU subscribes to a third party namely Google Cloud Based services to Protect and secure the data we collect, and therefore subscribe to the Data and Protection and Security that Google prescribes for its global cliental, and recommendations from them are auctioned by ourselves.

5.2     Google’s practices are to monitor, safeguard and update their services on a 24 hour basis.

5.3     VPU`s CEO, Debbie Nicholson, whose details are listed below is responsible for the encouragement of all staff to adhere to the POPI policy Act.

5.3.1             Debbie Nicholson ( TRAC accredited with Anti bribery and Anti corruption )

5.3.2            011 452 4646

5.3.3            34 7th Ave Edenvale


5.3.5            Fax to email  0866135212

5.4    This policy is in place throughout VPU and training on this policy and the POPI Act takes   place annually.

5.5     There are no hardcopies kept on the premises as all documents are submitted with the applications for client. All digital information received by VPU for application purposes are removed and deleted as soon as the visa/passport have been issued and returned to the client.

5.6    If a trained staff member leaves the employ of VPU, we have administrative rights to change and block access from that staff members account as soon as they leave the premises.

5.7     A procedures manual has been drafted to ensure all employees of VPU follow the VPU code of conduct and the VPU POPI policy to ensure security of client’s personal information.


6.       Access and Correction of Personal Information

6.1     Clients have the right to request information we hold or are using regarding their application/account.

6.2    Clients also have the right to ask to update, correct or delete any of the information we have about said client.

6.3    If a client objects to us processing their personal information, VPU may no longer process their information.


7.       Amendments to this Policy

7.1     Amendments to this policy happen on an ad hoc basis.

7.2     Where policy changes are implemented a new copy of the POPI policy is immediately uploaded to the website and clients are made aware of the changes.

7.3     The VPU staff are immediately informed and trained with the new policy Act